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Tofu Shiratama (mochi) (豆腐入り白玉 Tofu iri shiratama)

For the second recipe in a row, we are sharing another dessert recipe.   And this time, it is truly Japanese and truly easy to prepare.  Shiratama powder is often used in Japanese sweets, so this recipe would be a good starting point in learning many other Japanese desserts.  You can get in in any Japanese …

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Dried Tofu (Kouya) with Shiitake Mushroom (高野豆腐の含め煮)

Here is another Tofu recipe.  I learned how to make it from my grandmother.  It is good as a side dish for Japanese Curry.  You can serve it hot or cold, but either way it is very healthy!

Asawa's Recipes, Food

Dried Tofu Recipe – Agedashi Koya-dofu (揚げだし高野豆腐)

Dried Tofu (高野豆腐、凍り豆腐 Koya-dofu/ Koori-dofu) is very healthy and nutritious. There are many ways of cooking this. Today, I made Agedashi-dofu (fried tofu with dashi sauce) using this dried tofu. It is easy but delicious tofu recipe! It is also good as a side dish for beer or sake!