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Pumpkin Pudding (かぼちゃのプリン Kabocha no purin)

Autumn is the season for sweet pumpkin in Japan. Here is the simple easy recipe for Pumpkin Pudding to enjoy Japan’s autumn flavor!  Serve it up as a dessert during Halloween for some fun!  Its a simple trick and a sweet treat!  This is also Fukuoka Dreaming’s first entry to JapanSoc’s Japan Blog Matsuri!

Asawa's Recipes, Food

Pumpkin Potage (Kabocha no potaaju)

Summer time in Fukuoka means a new set of options of ingredients in the market.  Locally grown, fresh, cheap pumpkin is available from summer to autumn which makes it the perfect time to make today’s recipe. This soup is quite popular in Japan (instant versions are even available) but the ingredients are very common that …