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Lost Wallets in Japan

I always read about how honest the Japanese are in returning lost items, especially wallets so I was not worried when I misplaced my wallet one clumsy Sunday as I left my backpack’s zipper open.  True enough, the very next day, Asawa got a call from the Police Station asking me to come over to …


May the Japanese Police Force Be with You

Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo and the gang had their hands full trying to defeat Darth Vader. They would have had an easier time should they have taken notes from the Japanese because even inter-galactic citizens can learn from Japan.

Useful Information

Fukuoka Emergency Numbers

First things first in Fukuoka.  Jot down these numbers and put it in your wallet or your ketai (cellphone). Here are some important information on Fukuoka: Ambulance: Residential phone, dial 119. Payphone:  push the red emergency button, then dial 119 Police: Dial 110 Phone number for obtaining disaster information: 0180-99-9595 Fire: 119 Warn others too …