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Hakata Lantern Festival 2010

This year’s Hakata Lantern Festival (Hakata Tomyo Watching)  takes place on October 23.  Be sure not to miss this once a year feast for the eyes in Fukuoka.  Hakata’s  streets will be lined up by paper lanterns, while some open fields will be covered with lanterns whose messagew you can only decipher by gaining some …

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One Hot Winter Night: The Oniyo Fire Festival

I was supposed to head out to Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture with a couple of friends to see the Oniyo Fire Festival, but most of them backed out due to the really low temperature that winter night. Indeed, it was not weather suitable for going outdoors, especially at night. But I was not about to miss …

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Momochi Matsuri

Asawa and I finally got ourselves to back to jogging after a long break that lasted more than a month.  Jogging in Fukuoka is particularly wonderful, especially our part of town.  One one side, there is a large jogging path that runs across a lake, and on the other, there is a jogging path along …