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Life in Japan (not as you know it)

So you have lived in Japan for years, and think you know what life in Japan means, and nothing will surprise you anymore? These photos will say otherwise. I came across this post on www.retraonaut.comthat feature stereoscopic photographs by T. Enami of 1895-1910 Japan that were posted by Okinawa Soba. 2 stereoscopic photos of the …


Yurekuru -Earthquake Early Warning Iphone App for Japan

I came across this app today and it seems quite apt for those living in Japan.  Yurekuru is a Japanese Iphone app that sends out push notifications to your iPhone right before an earthquake strikes.


Jack Johnson Cancels Rest of Japan Tour

Jack Johnson, known for his surf-vibe mellow tunes was scheduled to perform in Fukuoka City on March 17, 2011 as part of his Japan your.  However, as per his tweet, he is “postponing” the rest of the tour, including those in Tokyo in light of the tragedy that happened last friday.  Johnson had already performed …