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Hakata Lantern Festival 2010

This year’s Hakata Lantern Festival (Hakata Tomyo Watching)  takes place on October 23.  Be sure not to miss this once a year feast for the eyes in Fukuoka.  Hakata’s  streets will be lined up by paper lanterns, while some open fields will be covered with lanterns whose messagew you can only decipher by gaining some …

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Hakata Dontaku 2010

It is said that 2 million tourists flock to Fukuoka for the Dontaku Festival.  I though it was an exaggeration until I saw how crowded the streets of Tenjin had become.  There was not a single Yatai seat available and everyone was holding either a map, guidebook or a Hakata mask.  This year I didn’t …

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Hakata Lantern Festival

Fukuoka’s historic center lit up one October evening for Hakata’s Lantern Festival. The whole Hakata community, from schools, shrines to enterprises took part in this annual celebration. Asawa and I took a stroll around to see what its all about. Hakata’s streets were it up everywhere.