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Jack Johnson Cancels Rest of Japan Tour

Jack Johnson, known for his surf-vibe mellow tunes was scheduled to perform in Fukuoka City on March 17, 2011 as part of his Japan your.  However, as per his tweet, he is “postponing” the rest of the tour, including those in Tokyo in light of the tragedy that happened last friday.  Johnson had already performed …


Something Free from Fukuoka

Not everything is expensive in Japan as these young kids in Kego Park prove. Free hugs from people of a culture that is not used to physical contact is certainly something valuable. Not too many people availed of free hugs but there were a few warmhearted souls who did.  Japanese signs literally mean “Won’t you …

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Hakata Gion Yamakasa 2009 (Part 1)

The participants wear a traditional attire called a hapi, a sight to behold for first time tourists. As flimsy as it looks, it is already relatively conservative compared to the original attire they wore centuries back which comprised of a simple loin cloth covering the front. The rope is for tying around the float to hold it in place as they carry it.