This is a very different FAQ because unlike other FAQ’s, some questions here are really OUR questions about Fukuoka, that we would like help answering! If you know the answer kindly leave a comment and help us out! Then I’ll incorporate it to the main FAQ’s and then we can all be one happy family.

How do I get to Fukuoka?

We have the answers right here!

How do I ride the Subway in Fukuoka?

Fukuoka’s Subway is fairly easy to navigate.  Check out our subway instructions here.

What is there to see in Fukuoka?

While Fukuoka is not as known as Kyoto, Nara or Tokyo in terms of places to see, it is no push over either.  Fukuoka is the gateway into Japan in ancient times and everyone entering and leaving Japan had to pass by Fukuoka.  This means many things reached in Fukuoka before they reached other parts of Japan.  In many cases, Japan’s famous skill of reinvention began in Fukuoka and therefore what reached the rest of Japan was created in Fukuoka.  For example, Bhuddism reached Japan through Fukuoka, and Zen (and green tea!) where first practiced in Fukuoka.  The first Zen temple, Shokufuji is in Fukuoka City.  Dazaifu, the 10th century  capital of the island of Kyushu is the most popular tourist destination in Fukuoka Prefecture.  Fukuoka Tower, the defining symbol of modern Fukuoka is also part of every tourist’s plans.  Don’t forget to visit the many ancient shrines and Temples in the Gion area of Fukuoka.

*We are working on putting up posts on Fukuoka’s favorite destinations so keep visiting us!  Also let us know if you have any place you want us to feature here!

What are the Must Eat foods of Fukuoka?
Here is our post about the must-eat dishes and where to eat them in Fukuoka.  Of course, make sure to eat in a yatai while your here because Fukuoka is the yatai capital of Japan.  If you would rather cook Japanese food yourself, try out some of our recipes in this blog.

Where can I study Japanese / Nihongo in Fukuoka?

Fukuoka is a very international city and therefore many foreigners are eager to learn nihongo in Fukuoka.  Here are some of the places where you can learn Japanese on a budget.

Where can I see a Sumo Match in Fukuoka?

November is Sumo season in Fukuoka where the nation’s best Sumo wrestlers convene in the city to compete in the Kyushu Bashoo.

What is the Yamakasa Festival and when is it held?

Wow, coincidentally we wrote a post about it! Check it out here.  By the way it is every July 1 – 15 of every year.

Are there any surf spots in Fukuoka?

You tell me!  I’ve been looking for some as well.  So far I have checked out the surf in Futamigura, Mitoma and Shingu.  Haven’t seen them form great waves but I haven’t been there that many times.  Don’t expect an empty line-up as there is always a good crowd surfing ahead of you!

Are there any Photography Clubs in Fukuoka for non-Japanese speakers?

I have no idea.  Let me know if you find something.

Where can I learn Taiko in Fukuoka?

I have no idea either.  I joined a group to practice once but it ain’t the same as being taught.  Here is their website (Japanese): http://homepage2.nifty.com/soshowya/

Are there any Catholic mass in Fukuoka?

Yes.  The biggest one would be at Daimyo Catholic Church where they have an English mass at 4 p.m. every Sunday.  The closest subway station is Tenjin. Its a 5 minute walk from there. It is right in front of Nishitetsu Grand Hotel.

Here is the contact info of the Church:

2-7-7, Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, FUKUOKA, 810-0041

What is Mentaiko?

Mentaiko is what your colleagues will ask from you as omiyage (gift from your travels) when they find out you are going to Fukuoka.  It is a marinated roe of pollock that people from Fukuoka like to put on top of their rice.  For more information on mentaiko and some recipes for it, click here.

What area is  best to stay in when visiting Fukuoka City?

Tenjin and Hakata are the two centers of Fukuoka and from where you have access (subway, airport, train, bus) to everywhere else in the city.  Between the two, I would suggest a hotel in the Tenjin area.   Akasaka, Daimyo are runners up in this category.  If you want a relaxing time away from the crowd (or close to nearby Yahoo Dome or Marinoa’s outlet stores), the Momochi area (aka JAL Sea Hawk Hotel)  is also a good place to consider.

Does Asawa really think that Kaeru looks like a frog?


When is the  best time to visit Fukuoka?

Spring and Autumn have the best weather.  Sakura (cherry blossoms) are a must see in spring, and the Yusentei Japanese Gardens and the Komyozenji Rock Garden in Dazaifu are a must see during autumn.  During Summer there is the world famous Yamakasa Festival, and in winter the Oniyo Festival in Kurume City.

Is there any night life in Fukuoka?

As good as it gets, my friend, as good as it gets.  For Japanese style night life, as soon as you exit your hotel, you are there.  For the western variety, roam the Daimyo-Akasaka area for bars.

Best place to shop for fashion in Fukuoka?

All the great stores are in Tenjin, but the really trendy buy their clothes in the Daimyo area.  For electronics, Fukuoka based Best Denki(everywhere), as well as Yodabashi (Hakata) and Bic Camera (everywhere) are the best places.  For cameras, Kitamura Camera in Daimyo in front of Nishitetsu Grand Hotel is highly recommended.  Be sure to check the second floor for second hand lenses and gear.

Where can I buy Cameras and Digital Equipment in Fukuoka?

The 4 major ones are Yodabashi Camera, Bic Camera, Yamada Denki and Best Denki.  Best (Pronounced bes-toh denkee) was born in Fukuoka so many people have prefer it.  However, the others seem to offer lower prices.  Yodabashi Camera near Hakata Station has more photography related choices. Bic Camera is the most convenient if you are based in Tenjin.  I personally prefer Kitamura Camera right across Nishitetu Grand Hotel in Daimyo (near the Church) because it has a second floor selling good quality second hand lenses.  They can even order one from a different branch nationwide for you.

Where can I study in Fukuoka?

Kyushu University offers the most English based graduate programs in Fukuoka.  The school recently moved to its new location in Ito Campus but some of the departments still hold classes in the Hakozaki campus near Hakata. Check out their website for more information.  Their English Masters of Law program is particularly prominent throughout Japan.

How do I get to Fukuoka from Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto?

Either by plane or Shinkansen to Hakata.  There is also a ferry from Tokyo but I can’t imagine who would take it,

How long is the Shinkansen ride to Fukuoka from Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto or Hiroshima?

Tokyo to Fukuoka  5 hours

Osaka to Fukuoka 2 hours 40 mins

Kyoto to Fukuoka 2 hours 44 mins

Hiroshima to Fukuoka 1 hour 11 min

Where is the best place to see the Cherry Blossoms in Fukuoka?

My favorite is Maizuru Park, right next to Ohori Koen.

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    1. Hi Tammy! Thanks for dropping by. It is perfectly safe to travel to Fukuoka any time of year. Its pretty far from Fukushima and was never under any threat of radiation. Most of Japan in fact is safe from radiation except the area right next to the crippled plant in the north east. Enjoy your trip!

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