Something Free from Fukuoka

Not everything is expensive in Japan as these young kids in Kego Park prove. Free hugs from people of a culture that is not used to physical contact is certainly something valuable. Not too many people availed of free hugs but there were a few warmhearted souls who did.  Japanese signs literally mean “Won’t you hug me?”

*If you want to see something unusual or interesting, Kego Park is always a good place to start.  From free Tango Lessons, to model photoshoots to performances and young musicians showing of their new songs, Kego does not run out of things to see or do.

8 Comments on “Something Free from Fukuoka

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  2. GoddessCarlie, will try to keep a live alert up early enough for you to fly over!

    Kelly, Hmmm I knew I've been hanging out in Tenjin way too early! Will wait for those free hugs next time!

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