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Hakata Lantern Festival

Fukuoka’s historic center lit up one October evening for Hakata’s Lantern Festival. The whole Hakata community, from schools, shrines to enterprises took part in this annual celebration. Asawa and I took a stroll around to see what its all about.

Hakata Street

Hakata’s streets were it up everywhere.


IMG_1505We chanced upon a procession moments after exiting the Gion subway station.

IMG_1507Geishas appeared out of nowhere.  It happened so fast I barely had time to fix my camera settings.

Hakata Geisha

Geisha Fukuoka

IMG_1514They were followed by young ladies in Kimonos.

Hakata Kimono

Hakata Lantern Festival

The shrine was also littered with small lanterns.

Hakata Lanters

A turn from the shrine led us to a field with a thousand lanterns scattered.

Hakata Lantern Festival

So we went for a closer look.  Then we decided, perhaps its best to see it from up high.

Softbank Hawks Lantern

Hmmm, getting clearer now.  A few more steps higher…

Softbank Hawks Lantern

Ahh, its the local baseball team Softbank Hawk’s mascot!

Hakata Lantern Festival

Meanwhile, in other parts of Hakata, unique lanters are on display.

Hakata Mask Lantern

Hakata Lantern Festival

Hakata Lantern Festival

Suddenly we hear the loud bang of drums.  We rushed to the sound because we knew what it was…

Hakata Lantern Festival Taiko

It was a taiko performance, one of my favorite forms of music…the perfect way to end the evening.

8 Comments on “Hakata Lantern Festival

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  2. Beautiful photos, looks like it was a great evening! It’s the kind of event id love to see for real one day.

    The 8th pic down has some floaty disembodied heads behind the hedge, spooky!

  3. Hi James! Thanks for visiting! The disembodied heads were a result of poor flash techniques, but in the spirit of Holloween, I'll say they were floating around the shrine that night! haha.

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