Honda Reinvents the Wheel (Honda UX-3)

The Honda U3-X

Chalk another one up for Japanese ingenuity.  Honda will unveil a revolutionary transport system in the Tokyo Motor Show on October 24 in Chiba City (Tokyo Motor Show website here.)  The Honda UX-3 is a personal transport system that will make the Segway look like a 1950s computer next to a laptop.  It is omni-directional, that is, is you can move in any direction without having to turn the machine. 


This is due in part to a new wheel technology called “Honda Omni Traction Drive System” (HOT Drive System for short).    Other advantages is that it is operated while seated and that it is weighs only 10kgs so you can take it with you on the subway and inside your office.  No need to find parking! (and you know how practical this is in Japan!)  I do not think it is designed for long distance travel so don’t plan to visit your Aunt in Kyoto (or in the next ward) using this.

I can’t really explain how incredible this machine is , nor how the HOT Drive System works, or how it can stand on its own with just one wheel,  so Ill just share some videos of it.  I wouldn’t think these things will be safe in Fukuoka’s sidewalks though, unless those madmax bikers (yes, I mean you obasans with a need for speed) leave their bikes at home and buy one of these things instead.

As seen in a Japanese News Show

Here is another one from a more skilled rider

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