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Fukuoka Day Trips – Karatsu, Saga Prefecture (佐賀県唐津)

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Karatsu Castle

Karatsu Castle (唐津城)

A day trip to Karatsu Castle (also known as “Dancing Crane Castle” (舞鶴城, Maizuru Jō ) is an ideal day trip from Fukuoka City.  Built in 1602-1609  (and reconstructed in 1966), it was the home to the Ogasawa clan, the daimyo of Karatsu. Standing directly at the shore of Karatsu Bay, the castle rises directly from the sea using the ocean as a natural moat.  The castle also houses a museum.

Pack your food and picnic mat and have your meal here as the picnic area offers a magnificent view.  It is accessible via public and private transportation (See below).

Entrance Fee: JPY400 (JPY200 for children)


By Public Transportation from Fukuoka (80 -90 mins from Tenjin )


Tenjin (天神) – Karatsu (唐津) via Chikuzenmaebaru (筑前前原) by  Fukuoka City Subway Airport Line (福岡市営地下鉄空港線) – 70mins


From Karatsu eki (唐津城)  to Karatsujo iriguchi (唐津城入口) -10mins

By Car from Fukuoka (60 min)

Other info:

Address: 8-1 Higashi jounai, Karatsu City 唐津市東城内8-1 Phone: 0955-72- 5697

– Parking is available (with charge)

– Elevator is available (with charge)

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  1. Hi Corey! We didn't try the champon in Karatsu but what you said makes us want to go back just for that! Thanks for the info!

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