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Japan’s Musical Roads

We go outside of Fukuoka for today’s feature.

A series of “melody roads” in Gunma Prefecture in central Japan play out a tune as you drive over them…just in case you forgot to bring your CD collection for that Silver Week trip you had been planning for so long.  Instructions by the roadside tell motorists to drive at exactly 50 km/h to hear the melody in this 175 meter stretch of road.  The music is caused by ridges on the road which make a sound as tires run over them.  Too bad they didn’t use the super-silent Toyota Prius for this video.

5 Comments on “Japan’s Musical Roads

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  2. Honda had an ad campaign in SoCal a while back and apparently caught a bit of flack for it. lol

    Also I remember reading a comment on one of the articles on the Japanese musical roads mentioning about a similar musical road at Disneyworld in the past ,but I haven’t been able to find any information about it. That tune was supposedly “When you wish upon a star” and was removed because people thought they were hallucinating.

  3. Thanks for the resources dean S. What were the complaints of people about it?
    The Honda version did seem clearer compared to the one above though.

  4. Well according to the Wired article the sound would carry a long distance and it attracted a lot of unwelcome visitors to the area who would drive over the section repeatedly. The first link is to the video of the ad on the Honda site and the second is to an article on Wired about it. If you've ever been to Lancaster California it's a quiet out of the way place and I can see why the residents were complaining.

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