Old Pictorial Map of Post-war Fukuoka

I found an old (rather comical if not racist) pictorial map of Fukuoka depicting “life” of the 24th Artillery Division stationed in Fukuoka during the American occupation of Fukuoka in 1947 from the David Rumsey Map Collection, an extension archive of maps (that unfortunately only has one for Fukuoka). Surrounding the map is an anecdotal “history” of Fukuoka. It is interesting to see that Uminonakamichi area was a popular beach spot and housed the military barracks, and I don’t know what is going on at Saitozaki. Can you spot your neighborhood from here? (For the best resolution, visit the David Rumsey Website.)

[Caption From the David Rumsey Archive]Pictorial map, with signature of Henry Schwartz in the lower left. Map depicting Camp Hakata, home of the 24th Artillery division on the Japanese island of Kyushu. Shown in comic detail are the various barracks, division headquarters, beer halls, parade grounds, hospital and several clubs and cabarets. A broken down railroad circles the bay and caricature images depict both soldiers and locals. Map Surrounded by comic illustrations of history of this region of Japan.

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