Takoya: The Best Takoyaki in Fukuoka

If you are adventurous enough to go through the unbeaten path to find the best food that Fukuoka has to offer, you will be rewarded immensely.  Today’s discovery can save you tens of thousands of yen because it saves you from taking the train to Osaka for some great takoyaki.

Osaka is the hometown of takoyaki, but a little hole-in-the-wall in Fukuoka makes some takoyaki that I dare say rivals the one’s in Osaka. Yes my friend, in a quiet little corner in Toujinmachi lies a legendary takoyaki shack.   The place is really small, and can only accomodate around 2-3 sit-in diners, so be prepared to eat it outside, or bring it home (though eating it fresh is better). Grab a pen and paper because I am pretty sure you have not been here yet.  Write this down.  When you do visit though, expect to see a long line.  It is that good.

Takoya Takoyaki

Closest subway: Tojinmachi Station

Less than 10 mins from Station.

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