Ohori Heart Ache?

Typical early morning scenes in Ohori Kohen are those of determined joggers, old timers out on a stroll, high school students trying to pass a physical exam and birds, cats and the fishes trying to get their tummy full, and people enjoying the beautiful man-made lake.  So it was unusual for me to see this today:  A bouquet of flowers floating near the edge of the lake.  It made me wonder about what happened the night before.  A lover’s quarrel?  A rejected peace offering?  A broken hearted suitor getting rid of the flowers meant for a lady who he sees her with another man.

Could very well have simply been a careless slip, but when juxtaposed with the beautiful morning setting, one could not help but feel the gloom of these flowers, filled with anticipation, to be appreciated and loved, only to find itself ceremoniously floating in the darkness of the lake.   She waits til morning, hoping that perhaps the light will show her true beauty.  But no one notices, and she remains alone, with only the chilling waters willing to embrace her.

*Getting to Ohori Park: Take the Subway (Kuko Line) and get off in Ohoro Koen Station.

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