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Mataichi No Shio: Traditional Salt Making in Itoshima

The best experiences are those you get into by accident. This maxim proved true again one sunny saturday when I took the wife and kid on a road trip to Itoshima. We did not have a plan other than to make the little one’s toes touch the sea and sand for the first time. We drove towards Itoshima and turn left or right on a whim. This was how we discovered Mataichi No Shio, a sea salt making company located in an isolated dead-end at the western most tip of Itoshima City. Asawa had heard about their tasty salt but never knew where they were located. So she was quite happy to have accidentally reached this place at the end of a very narrow dirt road.

Apart from selling harvested sea salt, they also offer some meals flavored with their salt. The outdoordining area is made up of hardwood and bamboo and has a commanding view of the sea, giving the eating experience an added boost. You can also look at the salt making process if you are lucky that they are harvesting at that time. (We were).

We arrived a little before lunch time and had an easy time parking and finding a nice spot to eat. Soon after though, the crowds started pouring in, and some cars had to park further away, across the dirt road. Not a bad crowd for such an out of the way location.

They sell oysters, steak, bamoboo shoot etc. all flavored with their salt of course!

Collected sea salt.

One of the many scenic dining spots.

Salt making equipment.

Bamboo shoots soaked in salt.

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