How to Help in Japan Earthquake Relief

Pray for Japan

I am sure the english speaking community would like to get more information on how to help in relief efforts underway here in Japan.  I am compiling some information here.  Please be careful of unscrupulous websites claiming to be fund raisers for Japan.

Donate Online:

  1. Crisis Response: Provides a way to donate DIRECTLY to Japan Red Cross Society online (uses Google Checkout).
  2. Peace Winds Japan: Online donations
  3. Global Giving: Online donations
  4. Save the Children: Online donations
  5. Scholars for Japan: A Facebook based fund started for recipients of Japanese scholarships to give back to Japan.  Proceeds go to Save the Children efforts in Japan.
  6. An online bento store will donate 100% of proceeds of sale to the Japanese Red Cross Society.
  7. Razoo has set up a fund that will be donated to American Red Cross, World Vision, Save the Children and ShelterBox USA
  8. You can donate to the American Red Cross using your Amazon account.
  9. Flutterscape: Flutterscape, a Japan-related shopping website has established a donation page that would send donations to the JAPAN Red Cross Society and Civic Force.  They will also match your donation.
  10. Salvation Army:
  11. Yahoo Japan (in Japanese only)

Donate via Mobile Phone:

1. American Red Cross (via text, U.S. only.) – Using your cell phone, you can text-message donations of $10 to the Red Cross. Text the letters REDCROSS to 90999 to make the $10 donation, or visit the organization’s website.(Please be informed that the American Red Cross has not formally been invited to Japan and therefore they have no ongoing relief efforts in Japan.  For further info please read this article in Gizmodo.)

Donate via Bank Deposit:

1. Japanese Red Cross Society

Name of Bank: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Name of Branch: Ginza
Account No.: 8047670 (Ordinary Account)
Payee Name: The Japanese Red Cross Society
Payee Address: 1-1-3 Shiba-Daimon Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN

Donate Blood:

The following are where you can donate blood in Fukuoka (source:

*Happy Cross Blood Donation Room – 8FL, IMS Bldg. (Tenjin); 10AM – 1PM, 2PM – 5:30PM; 092-726-1188
*Tenjin Kita Blood Donation Room – Near KBC Studio (Tenjin); 9AM – 12PM, 1PM - 5PM; 092-721-1400
*Canal City Blood Donation Room – Business Center Bldg., 1FL (Hakata); 10AM – 1PM, 2PM – 5:30PM; 092-272-5853
*Uomachi Gintengai Blood Donation Room – Near Kokura Station (Kitakyushu); 10AM – 1PM; 2PM – 5:30PM; 093-551-1211

We will update the list as soon as new information comes along.

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