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Fukuoka Day Trip: Itoshima (糸島)

Itoshima, Fukuoka’s summer paradise is just 40 minutes away west of Fukuoka City.  People who visit Fukuoka say Fukuoka has everything, mountains, beach, city life.  They were probably referring to Itoshima when they talk of the first two.   If you are familiar with Oahu Island in Hawaii, then Fukuoka is your Honolulu and Itoshima is your North Shore, with its laid back lifestyle, awesome scenery, and yes, even surfing!  Artists find Itoshima conducive for inspiration so you will find many foreign and local artists calling it home.

Every summer, Itoshima becomes lively and never fails to satisfy Fukuoka City resident’s thirst for summer fun.  You may visit Itoshima on a day trip but don’t blame us if you decide to stay longer.  Here are some of the many interesting places we recommend you visit in Itoshima.  These are better accessed with your own car.

Farmers’ Market (Itosaisai 伊都菜彩)

One of the most popular farmer’s market in Fukuoka is in Itoshima. Local seasonal vegetables and fruits harvested in the morning and local seafood and meat are very popular. Also it is one of the best place to buy flowers in Fukuoka.

  • 567 Hatae, Itoshima-shi Fukuoka 福岡県糸島市波多江567
  • Tel: 092-324-3131
  • e-mail :
  • Click here for the map.


Shiraito Falls (Shiraito no taki 白糸の滝)

You probably won’t read about this in English guide books, but a lot of locals visit this place to relax or have a picnic under a spactacular waterfall

  • 460-1  Shiraito, Itoshima-shi, Fukuoka 福岡県糸島市白糸460−1
  • Click here for the map.

Herb Garden

This quaint little restaurant and, yes, herb garden offers a great respite from the trip.  Those who love gardening (like Asawa) will love the herb garden that sells various flowers, seeds etc.

Those who prefer to eat (like Kaeru) will stay at the restaurant and choose from their interesting western menu and enjoy the ambiance of a a farm, but inside the cool confines of an air conditioned room.

  • 366-2 Urashi, Itoshima-shi, Fukuoka 福岡県糸島市浦志366-2
  • Tel: 092-331-2220
  • Click here for the map.

Futamigaura (二見ヶ浦)

Futamigaura is perhaps the most recognizable landmark of Itoshima.  Two stones “married” as customary in Shinto rites and a Torii remind you that you are still in Japan and not in Hawaii.  Parking can be difficult here so be ready to eat at one of the nearby cafes (see below) in order to use their parking space!

Click here for the map.

Palm Beach Cafe

Palm Beach Cafe is to your right in Futamigaura when you are facing the married rocks.  They aim to recreate a Hawaiian ambiance, and they do so by importing all their furniture from Hawaii.  Huge picture windows allow you to enjoy the view while staying indoors.  During cooler days, they open these windows, creating an outdoor environment.

286 Nishinoura, Nishiku, Fukuoka 福岡市西区西浦286

Click here for the map.

Natty Dread

Authentic Jamaican Jerky Chicken and burgers.  That alone is enough to get you out of the city and into this rustic outdoor shack a few meters after Futamigaura!  Hit the beach right in front of it, then grab a burger right after.  Is there anything more to life other than that?

  • 2708-17 Shimanogita Itoshima-shi, 糸島市志摩野北2708-17
  • Tel: 092-327-5320
  • Click here for the map.

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  2. Looks delightful! Just remember though that Genkai nuclear power plant is just down the road and you are downwind…These places are full of Fukuoka people living under the nuclear umbrella and hoping nothing goes wrong. When they need a break from their jobs and lifestyles in the city they pop down to the beach for a swim and a burger. Just like having your cake and eating it. I hope it keeps fine for them. Seriously, I do. But I fear it won't.

  3. I visited Futamigaura Beach recently and was appalled by the filthy condition of the beach at one of Kyushu's popular tourist destinations. Watch my video on youtube.

    Surely a nation that prides itself on having clean cities and subways can keep this popular beach clean?

  4. I would really like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article. I am hoping the same pleasant paintings from you in the destiny as well.

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