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Hakata Dontaku 2010

It is said that 2 million tourists flock to Fukuoka for the Dontaku Festival.  I though it was an exaggeration until I saw how crowded the streets of Tenjin had become.  There was not a single Yatai seat available and everyone was holding either a map, guidebook or a Hakata mask.  This year I didn’t arrive early enough to find a good spot to take photos of the Dontaku parade.  I decided to walk around the back streets instead and discovered that many things are happening there as well, including finding the assembly point for the marching bands before heading off to the parade!  Enjoy the photos!

Crowded Nakasu Kawabasa!

Yet another reminder why Fukuoka is known for its Hakata Bijins

A performance in one of the corners of Shintencho (新天町)

I discovered the assembly ground for Fukuoka high school marching bands.  Practically hundreds of groups were doing last minute practice here.

Baton Twirlers

From Nacho Libre High School, Fukuoka.

Legally Blonde.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Colorful Dontaku

Drum Smile

This group spent little for costumes but was arguably the most skilled.  Other bands actually stopped practicing and just stared when these guys performed.

They had a drumline behind and some flag twirlers further behind.

Butterflies in the stomach before the big show.

Sgt. Pepper not so lonely anymore.

Hawaiian Hearts waving


Two Instruments and a Peace sign

I think they are from Seika.

Ladies in traditional Dontaku attire enjoying the show

Smiling Dontaku Ladies

Not everyone had a budget for costumes

Quiet conversation nearby.

And they charge to the parade.

Green follows Blue as usual.

Viewers at prime location.

The crowd near Nishitetsu Inn towards Across, Fukuoka.

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