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Autumn Longing (Yusentei Garden)

Spring has finally arrived, and Autumn is already a two seasons behind.  Now is the perfect time to reminisce on the autumn that was.  (Ok, that was just me trying to justify the late posting these photos of Autumn in Yuusentei Garden in Fukuoka City.  If ever you are in Fukuoka during Autumn, this place is a must-see.  I think its worth the trip to Fukuoka itself!

12 Comments on “Autumn Longing (Yusentei Garden)

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  2. Thanks for the comment Lan’dorien. Im trying to add a map and a “How to get there” section on this post so people can have an easier time finding it.

  3. like you, i also lived in hawaii. i like your blog and i love how you portray Fukuoka. Japan is one place i would love to visit in the future. looking forward to your posts.

  4. Summer may be a warmer season in the vegetable greenery enclosure, yet harvest time likewise brings superb prizes. Quickly developing serving of mixed greens yields will resuscitate the most messed up fall garden, and great consideration can keep sweet root trims and cabbage cousins developing for a few weeks past the first ice.

  5. The pictures you share these are amazing definitely in spring the lots of colorful flowers grow and every flower have owned beauty. The sharing place of Yusentei Japanese garden is having the unique design of landscape and colorful flowers trees as well.

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