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Cheap Japanese (Nihongo) Lessons in Fukuoka

Formal nihongo lessons can be very expensive, costing up to ¥3000 per hour for a two month course.  While it may be a worthwhile investment it is important to learn about the alternatives available in Fukuoka.  Not too many people know that there are Japanese Classes conducted by volunteers.  These are semi-formal classes conducted by..uhm…volunteers, …

Useful Information

Getting Around (Subway)

You will eventually learn to use the subway and bus on your own when you travel to Fukuoka but here are some useful places to start.

Useful Information

Fukuoka Emergency Numbers

First things first in Fukuoka.  Jot down these numbers and put it in your wallet or your ketai (cellphone). Here are some important information on Fukuoka: Ambulance: Residential phone, dial 119. Payphone:  push the red emergency button, then dial 119 Police: Dial 110 Phone number for obtaining disaster information: 0180-99-9595 Fire: 119 Warn others too …