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Fukuoka Sakura in Maizuru Koen

We have not posted a single thing for March. Seems we have been hibernating. Well, we are doine hibernating because spring has begun. And we bring you photos of the Sakura in Maizuru Koen in Fukuoka City to welcome the season! Enjoy!

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One Hot Winter Night: The Oniyo Fire Festival

I was supposed to head out to Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture with a couple of friends to see the Oniyo Fire Festival, but most of them backed out due to the really low temperature that winter night. Indeed, it was not weather suitable for going outdoors, especially at night. But I was not about to miss …

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Sumo Wrestling in Fukuoka

We have shown you how they prepare for battle.   Now it is time to share some photos of the Sumo competition itself.  Last November, the world’s top Sumo wrestlers gathered in Fukuoka City for the Kyushu Bashoo.  Fukuoka is one of only four cities where Sumo competitions are held in Japan.  It was the first …