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Coming of Age Day (成人の日)

Every second Monday of January,  Japan’s monotonous winter streets are suddenly thriving in color as 20 year old’s in their beautiful garments provide for a spectacular display of beauty.  Coming of Age day celebrates their transition into adulthood and all the perks that go with it.  It has been a tradition that dates back to …

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Hakata Dontaku 2010

It is said that 2 million tourists flock to Fukuoka for the Dontaku Festival.  I though it was an exaggeration until I saw how crowded the streets of Tenjin had become.  There was not a single Yatai seat available and everyone was holding either a map, guidebook or a Hakata mask.  This year I didn’t …

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Autumn Longing (Yusentei Garden)

Spring has finally arrived, and Autumn is already a two seasons behind.  Now is the perfect time to reminisce on the autumn that was.  (Ok, that was just me trying to justify the late posting these photos of Autumn in Yuusentei Garden in Fukuoka City.  If ever you are in Fukuoka during Autumn, this place …