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Life in Japan (not as you know it)

So you have lived in Japan for years, and think you know what life in Japan means, and nothing will surprise you anymore? These photos will say otherwise. I came across this post on www.retraonaut.comthat feature stereoscopic photographs by T. Enami of 1895-1910 Japan that were posted by Okinawa Soba. 2 stereoscopic photos of the …


1998 Nagano Olympics Opening Ceremony:World’s First Flashmob?

Just saw the most amazing performance of Ode to Joy! Flashmobs may be a product of the youtube generation but Seiji Ozawa pulled one way back in 1998. Perfect fusion of Japanese technology and love for classical music! On a more recent performance, here are 10,000 amateur singers performing the same song in Osaka one …


Guess who is coming to 3D

If there ever was a movie character that was meant to…er come out in 3D, that would be our favorite scary person, Sadako. A giant Sadako comes of out the TV screen aboard a truck around Tokyo.  Man, I can’t wait to see (or not to see) this in 3D.