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Tips on where to eat or drink in Fukuoka City

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Ichiran (一蘭ラーメン) is Ichiban! : The Ichiran Ramen Dining Experience

People from Fukuoka pride themselves with their cuisine.  This is not simply local bias, but a fact confirmed by Monocle Magazine which states that Fukuoka is where the culinary conscious crowd of Tokyo go for their gastronomic delight.  That is right, residents of the city with the most number of Michelin star restaurants fly to …

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Orto Cafe: Fukuoka’s Designer Cafe

Dining out in Fukuoka is turning out to be an exciting hobby, with one discovery after another falling into our laps.  The best of Fukuoka is definitely reserved for those who don’t settle for just guidebooks for tourists. Right in the middle of Fukuoka City, in the Kego district of Chuo-ku lies Orto Cafe, a …

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A Weekend Tango

Asawa treated me to a Tango Dinner & Show at Cafe Restorante Sancho Panza last Sunday.  It was my first time to watch a tango performance and I was quite excited about it.  We went with Asawa’s friend who has been doing Tango for ten years already.  She briefed us on the basics of Tango.   …