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Tips on where to eat or drink in Fukuoka City

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Where to Eat in Fukuoka: Bistro La Tortue

I haven’t raved about a restaurant for the longest time. In Japan, I have gotten used to delicious food wherever I go so good food has gotten to be the norm. However, Asawa and I recently had dinner at Bistro La Toture and found the food to be splendid.  It is a small two story restaurant …

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Where to Watch the World Cup in Fukuoka

We have had lots of emails asking where they can watch the World Cup in Fukuoka so we prepared this non-comprehensive list of places that air the game. Drop in a comment if you want to add a place! Flag (Nakasu-kawabasa) Tel: 092-283-5518 5-2-1 4th flr.J-Park Nakasu Bldg, Nakasukawabasa, Hakata, Fukuoka City 810-0801 It is …

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What to Eat and Where to Eat It in Fukuoka

Fukuoka is famous for its good food, and if you are visiting Japan for its food then Fukuoka must be in your itinerary.  Every kind of food product  including beef, chicken and pork, fresh vegetables and fruits, seafood are grown in Kyushu island and are available throughout the year. Here are some of the famous …