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What to Eat and Where to Eat It in Fukuoka

Fukuoka is famous for its good food, and if you are visiting Japan for its food then Fukuoka must be in your itinerary.  Every kind of food product  including beef, chicken and pork, fresh vegetables and fruits, seafood are grown in Kyushu island and are available throughout the year. Here are some of the famous …

Things to Do in Fukuoka

Things to Do in Fukuoka: See the Water Fountain Show in Canal City

Fukuoka was voted as the Top Retail City in the world by Monocle Magazine.  The magazine is quoted as saying: “Friendly, cosmopolitan Fukuoka is tiny in comparison to Tokyo, but it beats the Japanese capital hands down with its cuisine and shopping. That’s why it is Monocle’s choice for our best retail city award.” So …

Things to Do in Fukuoka

Things to Do in Fukuoka: Watch Yakyuu! (Baseball!)

If there is anything that catches the Japanese’ interest more than food its baseball, or “yakyu” as they affectionately call it.   Interest isn’t even concentrated to the male population as I observed when thanks to free tickets, I watched a Softbank Hawks game in the Yahoo! Dome.  Probably 50% of the fans were female and …