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Fukuoka Day Trip: Dazaifu

  Dazaifu City is the historic capital of Kyushu Island where it was governed for more than 500 years some 1300 years ago.  It is therefore a must-see destination for those interested in Japanese culture, history and nature at its best.  This city houses the most popular tourist attractions of Fukuoka Prefecture and a visit …

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Fukuoka Day Trips – Karatsu, Saga Prefecture (佐賀県唐津)

Karatsu Castle (唐津城) A day trip to Karatsu Castle (also known as “Dancing Crane Castle” (舞鶴城, Maizuru Jō ) is an ideal day trip from Fukuoka City.  Built in 1602-1609  (and reconstructed in 1966), it was the home to the Ogasawa clan, the daimyo of Karatsu. Standing directly at the shore of Karatsu Bay, the …

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Japan’s Musical Roads

We go outside of Fukuoka for today’s feature. A series of “melody roads” in Gunma Prefecture in central Japan play out a tune as you drive over them…just in case you forgot to bring your CD collection for that Silver Week trip you had been planning for so long.  Instructions by the roadside tell motorists …