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Takoya: The Best Takoyaki in Fukuoka

If you are adventurous enough to go through the unbeaten path to find the best food that Fukuoka has to offer, you will be rewarded immensely.  Today’s discovery can save you tens of thousands of yen because it saves you from taking the train to Osaka for some great takoyaki. Osaka is the hometown of …


Balloon (and Fire) Fun with Mr. Tak

I came across thus guy working the crowd in Bayern Fukuoka, one of those Oktoberfest nights a few months or years back (if you remember when exactly, then you didn’t really do enough festing that Oktober.)  Mr. Tak, as he is called,  started with the typical show of blowing balloons into animal shapes and giving …

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Softbank Hawks Parade

The Fukuoka Softbank Hawks took to the streets of Fukuoka on December 11, 2011 to celebrate winning the Nippon Series. I braved the crowds but felt the caravan moved to fast. It was over as quickly as it started. I did manage to observe the posts-parade clean-up which was efficient and had traffice back to …