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Yurekuru -Earthquake Early Warning Iphone App for Japan

I came across this app today and it seems quite apt for those living in Japan.  Yurekuru is a Japanese Iphone app that sends out push notifications to your iPhone right before an earthquake strikes.

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Its Cherry Blossom Time in Fukuoka!

Sakura Saved Seats, a photo by fukuoka dreaming on Flickr. It looks like this weekend will be the best one for hanami parties. Grab your mats (doesn’t have to be blue) and reserve your spot tonight! Photo was taken last year in Maizuru Park. For more photos of last year’s cherry blossoms, click here.


Quake Book: Japan Bloggers Help Out

Japan bloggers decided to contribute to the relief effort by doing what they do best, writing. Quake Book features short stories and excerpts written by people around the world who have either been personally affected by the earthquake and tsunami, and even those who were miles away when it struck but still felt emotionally affected. …