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Old Pictorial Map of Post-war Fukuoka

I found an old (rather comical if not racist) pictorial map of Fukuoka depicting “life” of the 24th Artillery Division stationed in Fukuoka during the American occupation of Fukuoka in 1947 from the David Rumsey Map Collection, an extension archive of maps (that unfortunately only has one for Fukuoka). Surrounding the map is an anecdotal …


Almost Kabuto Mushi season in Japan!

Soon it will be another kabuto mushi season in Japan!  For us it is our third kabuto mushi season ever since we took home 3 beetles home 3 years ago.  While they have passed on years ago, their grand kids are currently busy munching away as larvae before their transformation in a few months.  I …


Amazing photos of the last Samurai

The end of the Samurai era has always been depicted as a crucial stage in the course of Japan history.  These photos from the Guardian offers a rare peek into the lives of Samurai from 1860 to 1877.