Almost Kabuto Mushi season in Japan!

A grown up Kabuto Mushi (source: Wikipedia)

Soon it will be another kabuto mushi season in Japan!  For us it is our third kabuto mushi season ever since we took home 3 beetles home 3 years ago.  While they have passed on years ago, their grand kids are currently busy munching away as larvae before their transformation in a few months.  I haven’t been paying them much attention this year compared to the first time we had beetles but noticed that these are very low maintenance buggers (as long as you dont leave them under the direct heat of the sun).  I left them to their containers the whole of winter outdoors and they look well and alive (then again Fukuoka winters are mild).  Make sure the soil is moist every now and then, especially if it gets too hot in spring. I checked up on them on warm spring day, and they all seem to have weathered the winter very well.  Once summer sets in, it is better to keep them in the shade or indoors to keep the moisture from escaping and the heat from being overwhelming.  I counted about 11, replaced their soil, which at this point was almost all poop, added some dried wood and put them back in a box. 

Our kabuto larvae look excited for summer.


We got them for the kids, but they have lost interest already and essentially I am just the one tending to them.  We always try to give away some as they are just too many to handle once the transform into beetles in the summer.  They look really gross, but what can I say, they grow on you!  Who wants some kabuto?

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