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Where is the Best Place in the World to Have Diarrhea?

  I always say that Japan is the best place in the world to get a tummy ache, because even public toilets are often very clean.  They may even come with toilet seat cleaner sprays, bidets, and the amenities.  So in this creme de la creme of toilets, who wins the right to be called …

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Dreams of Sushi – A film about a Master Sushi Chef trying to master his craft

Found this trailer on my facebook newsfeed and it got me interested. Jiro is the best sushi chef in Japan, with a humble sushi shop in a subway station. He still wants to get better. I’d be interested in watching this film. If he looks familiar, maybe that is because you have seen him featured …

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Where to Eat in Fukuoka: Bistro La Tortue

I haven’t raved about a restaurant for the longest time. In Japan, I have gotten used to delicious food wherever I go so good food has gotten to be the norm. However, Asawa and I recently had dinner at Bistro La Toture and found the food to be splendid.  It is a small two story restaurant …