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Fukuoka Surf Spot: Nogita

Finally got to surf Nogita and it was much better than I thought. Summer isn’t a surf season in Fukuoka so I was not expecting anything great from this chance swell, but was pleasantly surprised. Waist to shoulder high waves, with just board shorts is all a man could ask for. Nogita is less than …

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Where is the Best Place in the World to Have Diarrhea?

  I always say that Japan is the best place in the world to get a tummy ache, because even public toilets are often very clean.  They may even come with toilet seat cleaner sprays, bidets, and the amenities.  So in this creme de la creme of toilets, who wins the right to be called …


Takoya: The Best Takoyaki in Fukuoka

If you are adventurous enough to go through the unbeaten path to find the best food that Fukuoka has to offer, you will be rewarded immensely.  Today’s discovery can save you tens of thousands of yen because it saves you from taking the train to Osaka for some great takoyaki. Osaka is the hometown of …